Yoga Therapy part 1 with Kamini Desai at Svaha

Most of our tensions we hold in our body are not only physical but also mental and emotional. Those mental, emotional en physical tension can get stuck in the body. We call them Energy knots. Often we try to ignore it or we get annoyed and irritated by it or we focus...

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Assisteren bij de I AM Yoga Nidra training

Een jaar geleden heb ik de I AM Yoga Nidra teacher training van Kamini Desai in Denemarken gevolgd. Eerst een week een Immersion en toen 2 weken later de Certification. Later in het jaar ben ik voor de Advanced teacher training naar Ijsland geweest. Ontzettend mooie...

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Hi Everyone, Wow...... a lot has changed lately. I was busy working, teaching, drinking tea, going to my parents, working out, meeting family and friends and suddenly ....... STOP... Super surreal. Ok no work, no social life .... a lot of spare time. Hahaha quess...

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First blogpost

I love to read and to walk .......... sometimes i do it at the same time i walk and i listen to some of my favorite (audio)books and podcasts The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle A New Earth by Eckart Tolle Yoga Nidra by Kamini Desai The Untethered Soul by Michael A...

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