Hi Everyone,

Wow…… a lot has changed lately. I was busy working, teaching, drinking tea, going to my parents, working out, meeting family and friends and suddenly ……. STOP… Super surreal. Ok no work, no social life …. a lot of spare time. Hahaha quess what….. every day i wonder how it is possible that time flies. I see a lot of people cleaning there houses, transform gardens and i can not find the time to do any of that. Who knows how long we are in this situation that even I have an organized household. I always find something “better” to do….

This is one of my days. I often start the day by practising yoga or going for a run, listening to darshans, podcasts, video’s, studying, I am following an online teacher training, having lunch with my husby/daughter and annoying her with school questions,┬á going for a walk/workout, trying to understand zoom and social media, video and voice recording, than it’s Yoga Nidra time, talking with family and friends, thinking what to eat and preparing dinner….. family chilling time; dancing, movies….. you see time flies!!!!!!!!!!!

I started (zoom) live streaming. I will post on Instagram de weekly scedule. Let me know what kind of class, when en what time would be good for you.

Stay healthy, safe and keep your heart open to everyone.

With love, Marisa

Jai Bhagwan!


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