What do you think? Do you need a Teachertraining to teach Yoga Nidra?

I know that there are many yoga teachers, teaching Yoga Nidra without a Teachertraining. The first time i joined a Yoga Nidra class i thought like many others, if you read a script why do you need a Teachertraining. A lot of people think its like a long savasana but i know Yoga Nidra is an experience to wholeness. Do you want to know more about what i think? Check my instagram. I recorded a 5 min video.

Jai Bhagwan!! Victory to the spirit!!

Even this year Kamini is sharing her wisdom with everyone who wants to dive deep into the Yoga Nidra. Her way of Teaching is exceptional, she is transmitting and sharing her wisdom, her bright light with each one of us. Like many of you already know that my life changed since the day i started practising Yoga Nidra but since the Teacher Training it became a part of me, it merged into me and even after joining (assisting)the training now for the 3th time i still learn so much and it still has a profound dept to my core being. It is such a blessing to share it with everyone else. We have an amazing group of people from the Netherlands, England, Iceland, Sweden, Belgium and we just finished the Immersion; Thats the 1 part of  I AM Yoga Nidra training. Everyone was so enthusiastic, impressed after the first part that they all want more.The 2 part is the Certification and is starting next week. There is even a 3th part the Advanced Teachertraining. All together is 100hours of deep teaching. The best investment there is and not only about the knowledge of Yoga Nidra but getting to know yourself better, to see your habits,behaviour, your way of acting and reacting in life.

I have no idea why, but Kamini calls me a Yoga Nidra Cheerleader hahahaha maybe i do know…

With love,



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