Most of our tensions we hold in our body are not only physical but also mental and emotional. Those mental, emotional en physical tension can get stuck in the body. We call them Energy knots. Often we try to ignore it or we get annoyed and irritated by it or we focus so much on the sensation/ pain that it controls us instead giving it space to move and really feel…. what is there to feel.

Yoga Therapy is Yoga & Massage & Deep Healing. Our body is super intelligent and the innate intelligence of the body knows exactly where Prana / Life energy needs to go and the deep healing happens all by itself. Letting go of thinking and doing and start… feeling & being.

Last month Kamini came to Amsterdam again. She is the most amazing teacher. Her way of teaching is resonating so profoundly in every cell of my being. She asked me if I could assist her with the Yoga Therapy TeacherTraining part 1. And guess what? I said YEAAHHH of course!!! I love absorbing the Amrit teachings and it doesn’t matter how often I hear the same teachings. Like the Yoga Nidra every time I hear it It gets another layer deeper and it gets integrated even more. What an amazing group of Teachers signed up for the Yoga Therapy at Svaha Yoga. Wauw……..

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